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Snagit for Mac: Complete Download Guide

Looking to get Snagit for MacOS? Our guide explains the process to the last detail.Snagit is a widely used screen capture and recording software with a bouquet of features second to none. It lets you capture and record your device screens, edit the output using a broad array of features, download videos/photos in several formats, and share them seamlessly.

It is so unique that even mac users want to have their hands on this software, despite an in-built screen-capturing tool they already have. Let us explain why!

Why Snagit for Mac?

Mac devices have an in-built capturing tool. But, it only gets users so far and can only perform up to the basics. There is no feature allowing users to capture only a specific screen area. Moreover, there are limitations placed on adding notes, texts, effects, and more.

Given this, it is only natural for Mac users to look for other options, and if Snagit happens to be their first choice, our guide on Snagit download for Mac comes in handy.

Download Snagit for MacOS Free

How can you capture screenshots on Mac using Snagit? There are two ways to do that: Method One: Once you have decided what to capture, open Snagit and click the Capture button. It appears red. Select ‘All-in-One’ or ‘Image’ as per your preference. The All-in-One option will allow you to select an image, video, or panoramic capture. The other option will instantly show you the options, including the panoramic shot, window, full screen, etc.

Method Two: The ‘Crosshairs’ feature on Snagit makes the entire process simpler and quicker. It helps you to select the area of the screen you want to capture, down to the last detail. You can select areas by hovering over windows or regions or clicking and dragging across regions to create customized selections. Release the crosshairs to see a preview of your selected region. Finally, use the camera icon in the toolbar to take a screenshot.


*To record your Mac screen using Snagit, you must click the video first and follow the same steps of capturing screenshots as mentioned above.

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The alternative method to download and install Snagit for Mac

1. Go here and download the snagit.dmg.

2. Once downloaded, locate the .dmg file on your system. Usually, it is found in the ‘Downloads’ folder.

3. Next, open ‘Finder’ and follow Go >> Downloads.

4. Launch the installer by double-clicking snagit.dmg.

5. You will see the installer window. Now, drag the Snagit icon into the Applications folder.

6. Click Eject in Finder to dismount Snagit and double-tap on Snagit in the Applications folder.

Is Snagit for Mac free?

Snagit offers a 15-day free trial, which is all-inclusive and allows you to explore the best of the software. However, you will have to pay later to continue using it.


Snagit stands apart for what it lets you do with your captured images and videos. It is handy for Mac users as it allows them to move above the ground and do cool stuff. Make sure you create a personal account on Snagit’s homepage. It is a prerequisite to start using Snagit on your Mac device.


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Jan 04, 2023
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